by Edward


fruit & leaf

Can you tell me what plant this is? I obtained the fruit and leaf from a green shrubbery growing on a neighbour’s railings, with the fruit hanging off the bottom (there were two other pods).

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Oct 07, 2016
by: Jacki

I am not really familiar with the fruit, but the leaf looks like Akebia quinata, or Chocolate Vine.

Going by this image search, that’s exactly what you’ve got. The fruit is actually edible, in case you’re wondering.

Be aware that this plant can be somewhat aggressive, and in some areas it is called invasive. Don’t let it get away on you! In your area, this might not be an issue.

This is a great vine for covering a sturdy trellis or privacy screen, and personally, I really like the leaves. The flowers are different, and very attractive also.

Hope that helps with your question~