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by Savii




Hi! It’s my first time working with succulents and I found some things on my crassula that I’m a little worried about. They seem rather healthy, but I removed the affected leaves just to be safe. Please let me know if they need help!

Comments for First time succulent mommy. Paranoid!

May 14, 2017
by: Jacki

The thing with succulents is that if a leaf gets damaged or old, it will isolate the damage and eventually replace it with another leaf.

Taking them off is an option, or just leave it, and keep a close eye on it. Avoid overwatering, especially avoid getting water on the leaves where they’re damaged.

This actually looks like the leaf may have got bumped or knocked. It doesn’t look like there are any bugs involved, and the plant looks healthy. Give it time, and watch for any changes.

I also recommend taking a cutting or two, just in case the mother plant goes downhill.

Best of luck with it!