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by Susannah
(Dudley United Kingdom )


A nest of around 6 found inside the rim of a table that had been in the garden for a while.

Hi Susannah, I don’t think this is a black widow, if that’s what you mean. Generally, they hang around in twos; a male who is quite a bit smaller, and the female who is larger. They don’t congregate in groups like some other spiders, who seem quite companionable.

However, having said that, it would be worth being wary when bringing your outside furniture in; vacuum it and make sure you’re not bringing any hitch hikers indoors.

Venomous spiders are not something you want to bring into your living area, so do make a point of checking anything that has been outside for a while, or is in a dark corner.

Best of luck with your arachnids!

Comments for False widow???

Oct 17, 2013
What species?
by: Susannah

I agree it’s not a black widow but was wondering if perhaps it is a relative as the uk has apparently had an influx of ‘false widows’ Steatoda nobilis.