The ‘Upside Down’ Echeveria

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Echeveria runyonii ‘Topsy Turvy’ is sometimes named as Echeveria glauca. I’ve also seen it listed as a monstrose variety of Echeveria runyonii.

Whatever the name, the lovely alabaster ‘upside down’ leaves make this a memorable plant, and luckily for beginner growers, easy to cultivate.


The size of the plant is ultimately 15cm (6″) across, and up to 10cm (4″) high, with long flower sprays in the fall up to 20cm (8″) tall embellished with lovely peach coloured dangling bell shaped blooms.

These last for about a month and eventually shrivel up and the stalk can be cut off.

Preferred conditions are bright light, well drained soil.

Propagates easily from leaf cuttings and offsets produced on the original stem when the plant is beheaded.

Use as a single specimen plant in a mixed display, or plant several together in a large container.


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