or: why I’m an early riser

I’ve always been one of those that leaps out of bed as the sun is rising, eager to get outside and see what is new and exciting in the garden.

Early Morning in the Summer Garden

I think if you are one of those type, late nights don’t appeal to you.  Your eyes droop watching TV and it’s off to bed with you. 

One of my favorite things to do is to sneak outside with my first cup of coffee and Bracken to wander in the dew as the sun comes over the horizon, in my nightie.  Luckily, I live in a place without neighbors, well away from spying eyes.  In a city, I doubt if you could get away with this.

the view from the top - its fabulous
Xeric Gardens

The scent of newness and freshness is not something that you can bottle; it’s there in the new leaves unfolding, the earth of the garden waking up. 

I usually stand at the top of the hillside, and enjoy the view.  There are always new plants unfolding their blooms, during the summer, and lots of hardy succulents too.

The Ecosystem pond...
The Ecosystem pond…

I always have a look at the pond, to see the reflections and the little creatures that visit for a drink.

My little froggy friends staying cool
My little froggy friends staying cool

There is nothing of work in this early morning foray, just total enjoyment and wonder.

The only item I carry besides the coffee cup is my camera. 

According to some well known garden photographers, the light in early morning gives the truest colors for taking pictures of flowers, and the diffused light is perfect for not producing shadows and glare where they’re not wanted.

Rustic and Succulent Crafts
Rustic and Succulent Crafts

I check out how the crafts are looking today and take pictures of those that are in excellent shape.

Did you hear the one about the farmer? He's outstanding in his field...
Did you hear the one about the farmer? He’s outstanding in his field…

The insects start to warm themselves in the sun as it moves around. 

Sometimes, I’ll sit in one of my many seating areas, and just cogitate, planning the next phase of the garden, letting my imagination loose.  This is the best time for me, and when I get lots of ideas. 

I guess you could say I’m a morning person.