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    by Melanie


    I bought this small succulent at some store. The leaves at the bottom are dark green, and the leaves towards the top are light green. The leaves are a light pink towards the stem, and pointed at the tips. The stem is light green.

    It has also developed some flaky brown spots on the leaves, so I would like to know what type of succulent it is so I can take care of this.
    Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures.

    Hi Melanie, this appears to be one of the Echeveria, of which there are many – it’s most likely Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’ which when well grown and happy is one of the prettiest of all the hybrids.

    Based on what I see of how this plant is potted, I would say that the mottling of the leaves is an indication of extreme stress – there is no drain hole in these types of containers and succulents and cacti, although they look fine for a little while, cannot survive for long in this type of situation. Apart from the risk of waterlogging, the roots of these types of plants require air exchange and a very porous type of soil, and in a terrarium, this isn’t possible. Please repot this plant immediately into a terracotta clay pot or other unglazed container with a drain hole, and use soil meant for cacti, or mix your own from a good quality houseplant soilless mix combined with the same quantity of pumice, perlite or coarse sand.

    It’s also evident that you need to provide more light; this is indicated by the plant stretching to reach the light. In perfect growing conditions of bright indirect light, these plants will stay as a compact rosette. Buy the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book for more on how to behead these types of plants.

    See more about how to grow Echeveria, and some general succulent care tips here.

    Best of luck with your plant; with luck and quick action, it will survive and thrive in your care.