Listing all instructions (and pictures!) for some great garden art diy

Succulents lend themselves to so many crafts; learn how to actually build some of these interesting and unique ways of displaying our favorite plants.

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Great ideas are all over the internet, but sometimes the instructions aren’t clear, or there are none at all.

I’ve aimed to give enough detail that you can make your own version of these crafts without too much difficulty.

I encourage you to take the craft to another level, making it unique and totally your own with a few changes.

These are all things t hat I thought of in the middle of the night, noodling a solution to some problem or other, and of course, as I actually go to make them, changes in how to approach them occur to me.

Most of these crafts are free or cheap to make, with only a few materials and supplies needed. Often, you can find the supplies in reuse centers, thrift stores or yard sales – keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re handy with tools, some of the crafts need a carpenters touch, others a more creative approach – go wild.

I would love to hear about your experience in producing your own creations, and if you find the instructions easy to understand and follow.

Click on the images to go directly to the tutorial showing you how to actually make these crafts – I’ve designed these and taken pictures solo, so if anything is missing and/or confusing, you can blame me!