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by John T.
(Norfolk, VA)

Columnar Succulent from Home Depot

I saw this a few weeks ago at Home Depot and had to get it–I’ve looked all over the internet but had trouble getting an ID. It has three columns, each about 3-4 inches tall. The plant has very fine hairs on it, and it quite soft to the touch. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and have seen no obvious signs of growth…but it’s not dead either. Thanks for any help with the ID. Cheers!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi John, what a nice healthy looking plant. There are several plants that are found quite often in box stores, and this could be any one of them. If it’s one of the Stapeliads, eventually it will have the most amazing flowers. See the page on Stapelia, and see if any of those pictures look similar.

With any luck, this is what you have; now you only have to wait for about six years for it to bloom – good luck with your search.