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by dilawar

bugged by these bugs 21720147

help recognise this

white insects lots of them,feeds on trees, want to enter inside the house. if stepped on leaves yellowish liquid.

Hi Dilawar, there is no way for me to tell how big (or small) these insects are; I also am not familiar with plants and insects in your area.

This guy actually looks like it could be a mealy bug; these are ribbed the same way, and generally have a waxy or fluffy coating.

They are very small, like possibly 2 millimeters long, and they don’t move very fast; they can be killed by spraying with soapy water and the addition of some isopropyl alcohol. Check that this won’t damage the trees first, by spraying just a small area.

An alternate treatment is diatomaceous earth; this is a very fine powder, and will rasp away the outer coating of the bug, and they die.

You can sprinkle this wherever they are coming in the house, and it will get them hopefully before they enter.

Use caution when applying this product, because being so fine it can be a hazard if inhaled, but it isn’t toxic, just very drying.

Other things that might help are to use yellow sticky traps, which simply attract them to the color, and then the bugs get stuck on some sticky substance. Not all insects are attracted to yellow, so you’ll have to see if this works on your particular critters.

Attract birds to your garden, and maybe they will take care of the pest without any other work on your part (some chickens, maybe?)

Hope that gives you some ideas, best of luck with your infestation.