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by Danita

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Brain Cactus in a Skull Planter

I’ve been growing this brain cactus for quite a while in this skull planter, after several years in a regular plastic pot – it does so much better in this one.

I’ve seen some of this type of cactus get really large – can’t wait until it starts overflowing!

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Jun 26, 2018

So cool!
by: Jacki

Zombie Apocolypse! What a great idea.

The real Latin name for this cactus is Mammilaria elongata ‘Cristata’. Like all cactus they prefer bright light and very infrequent deep watering – let it dry out completely between times.

If it’s given lots of drought, the next time it gets a good shower it will probably bloom, but they’re most often grown for this fabulous ‘brain’ shape.

They’re easy to root from just a ‘finger’ which will start growing roots from the lower end if it’s in contact with the soil – you don’t even need to plant it! Do allow it to callous or dry out overnight to prevent rotting.

Use a commercial cactus soil, or potting soil mixed half and half with pumice, gravel or turkey grit for drainage – as always, a drain hole in the bottom of the pot is essential.