Succulent Plants in Shades of Blue

Succulent plants come in all shapes and sizes, and colors too.  The ones that seem to always be popular are those in shades of blue, pale or dark, and everything in between.

Blue Succulents

I’m partial to blue, in almost everything, so it’s no surprise that over the years I’ve been drawn to lots of succulents in various blue shades too. 

They are beautiful in combination with each other, and there seems to always be another one that you just have to have. 

But what on earth are they? 

They don’t always resemble plants of the same genus, and it’s hard to tell them apart.  That’s why I’ve put together this group, to help you find out what that beautiful blue succulent is.

There are lots of blue Echeveria;

Many Sedum are also blue;

Other blue succulents – hardy and not;

The colour is usually caused by the powdery ‘bloom’ like on the skin of a plum or grape. 

This is to protect the skin of the succulent from intense sunlight. 

Even though they need bright light to be happy, too much of a good thing is detrimental. 

The powder is easy to rub off with handling, so make sure that if your plant loses its ‘sunscreen’ that you keep it out of direct sunlight for a few weeks until it grows back.

Care for ‘blue’ succulents is the same as for any others.  It’s only the colour that’s different.