by John larcade
(San Antonio, Texas)

blue shade ruellia 21919381

Ruellia, the Mexican Petunia

My blue shade reullia suddenly turned brown and apparently died this spring. What acauses this?
WE had lots of rain this spring. Could that be the cause? What re the chances that it will come
back. Should I water?

Comments for Blue Shade Ruellia

May 26, 2019

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Ruellia, or the Mexican Petunia, is used as a xeriscape groundcover in Texas especially. This leads me to believe that it won’t like too much moisture, especially if the soil is not well drained (ie: contains lots of sand or other drainage material).

So, I’m thinking that you may be out of luck. If you had lots of rain, and the ground got too saturated, this would be the death of Ruellia. Start again, but this time make sure the soil is perfect for this particular plant.

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