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by Jacki
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Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider

The name ‘Black Widow Spider’ creates a horror in many people – even though many Black Widow Spiders are not black. The juveniles can be tan, beige or even carry markings and stripes in many colours.

In most cases, the adult is black and shiny, and some have the ‘violin’ shape on their abdomen.

Others don’t have this marking, so it’s not a reliable indication if it’s missing.

All kinds of this particular spider are assumed to be venomous, and the bite can be deadly.

Keeping in mind where these spiders like to make their homes will help keep you from a nasty bite. They prefer dark and cramped areas – particularly prone to hide under cardboard, wood or inside cement blocks, they have also been known to populate stacks of the black plastic pots used in the nursery trade.

Be particularly careful in these situations, and wear gloves if you plan on moving items that have been stored for any length of time, as the Black Widow may be lying in wait. They are very protective of their egg sac, and will attack with little provocation.

Comments for Black Widow Spider

Aug 26, 2011

Black Widow
by: Susan G

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on those spiders — I will indeed wear gloves when rooting around in old pots etc.

Susan G in Florida