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by Kari
(Kilgore, TX)

birthday planter quandry 21673133

I’ve received a large planter for my birth day and it looks like there are 5-6 different types of succulents in here but i don’t know what they are or if they need light…my office has no windows ):

Hi Kari, what a nice thought – but a bit unrealistic to expect you to look after it properly with no light! These are indeed succulents, most appear to be Echeveria, and some of the hybrids of Echeveria and Pachyphytum.

I suggest you think about getting a grow light, so they can receive the proper amount of light to grow properly. Without this, they’ll struggle and dwindle to nothing and eventually give up the ghost.

See these pages for more on succulent care and how to grow Echeveria.

Hope this helps get your succulent collection off to a good start!