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by Danielle
(Ottawa Canada)

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I’m sure hoping you can help me save my lovely kalanchoe. It has developed raised black spots all over every one of its leaves and the stem has taken on a whitish tinge.

I’ve treated with alcohol spray, baking soda/oil soap spray and diactomaceous earth, all with no success. This little sweetie is dying fast. Any suggestions on how I can save it?

It’s winter here and quite cold but the room stays warm and she is kept away from heaters. I’ve got her in a bright south facing window and watered every two weeks. Until recently she was thriving 🙁

Comments for Beautiful Kalanchoe Flapjack dying fast

Jan 24, 2017

So sad!
by: Jacki

Danielle, so sorry to see the issues with your flapjack. This is usually a plant that’s hard to kill off, so it’s tough to say what’s going on here.

What this looks like to me is that it’s mold of some kind. Is the air humid? That would account for the look of sooty mold that it’s got.

Personally, as there may be no hope for it otherwise, I would strip off all the leaves. I know it sounds drastic, but honestly, they’ll never recover, but it might prod it into producing more healthy foliage, which you will then have a better chance of keeping that way.

Meanwhile, stop any treatments, especially those involving any caustic chemicals, soaps or alcohol. Don’t water it! Two weeks is too often, especially for winter when it will be somewhat dormant. I water my succulents much less, if at all, through the winter, even growing them under lights.

Hope that helps give your plant a second chance at a healthy future!

Jan 24, 2017

Radical Haircut Done! Now to save the stalk!
by: Your name (or a pseudonym)

Thank you for this. She’s gotten a radical haircut and now has no leaves.. though the stalk is still covered in a white mildewy powder. Any suggestions on how to eradicate that? BTW winter is usually dry but she was getting misted almost daily along with the others.. Hopefully the stalk will produce 🙂

Jan 24, 2017

No misting!
by: Jacki

Maybe the misting is what’s created the right conditions for the black mold stuff.

The white powder is typical, and normal for the plant.