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by Ann Denton
(Deal, SE England)

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Summer stand

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Hi Jackie

I live in Deal, in South East England and have over 60 succulents, many of them brought with me when I returned five years ago from living in Portugal.

Each summer I put them on a stand out in the fresh air for the summer but in October will be transferring them to a mini wooden and glass greenhouse for the winter. The summer stand is now a little dilapidated and I think I may need to leave the terracotta pots in the greenhouse all year round.

Will this harm them? I understand that if there is no air flow, succulents are more susceptible to mould, etc. Also, how often should I water during both periods, winter and summer, when they are inside.

Comments for Air circulation and watering

Aug 01, 2021

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

You don’t say anything about temperature or humidity, which are both important factors in how often to water.

In the enclosed winter situation, this will definitely be an issue. Any kind of excess moisture, especially if it’s condensation, will cause problems. If the temperature is cool, you may not need to water much at all. Is there any reason you can’t leave the windows open? This would be better.

The eternal ‘how often to water’ question is impossible to answer. There are just too many variables, from what type of plant, to how big a pot, to how recently they were repotted, to the humidity, to the type of soil, etc etc.

You know your plants best. If they look like they’re getting wrinkled, more water (not necessarily more often though) and if the soil looks wet or damp, hold off for another day or two.

Err on the side of less watering, for succulents, always.

Aug 03, 2021

Thank you for your advice
by: Ann Denton

Hi Jacki. Thank you very much for your response. The wooden greenhouse will not be heated and I do try to open windows every day during the winter, so I’m hoping to have air circulation. I’ll monitor the plants for watering as you suggest.