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Hi – I had my house fumigated for termites last week with Vikane gas, and my two outdoor octopus agaves started turning brown a couple of days later. I’m trying to determine if they even have a chance of survival and if I should try cutting off the diseased leaves (the vast majority are brown now), or if it’s better for the neighboring plants for me to remove them altogether.

I’ve attached some photos and would greatly appreciate any advice. Many thanks.

Cindy Olnick
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Cindy, what a disaster! I have no experience with this chemical, but if it does this to plants, you have to wonder what else it affects.

I doubt if this would be contagious to other plants – the damage is done, so there is no need to get rid of them completely, unless you think that there is some kind of residue on them that could transfer to other plants.

If you do remove the leaves, wear some protection, at the very least, gloves and long sleeves, and dispose of the leaves in whatever manner your municipality requires – this could be classed as chemical waste, so inquire as to how to dispose of it.

Seeing as how the center of the plant is still green, there is some hope that it can recover. Just give it time, and if it takes until next season to grow out of the damage, that’s just the way it goes.

Patience, and benign neglect is the best treatment.

Best of luck,