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by Paul
(Toronto, ON. Canada)


I just bought from Wal’mart Mature leaves are shiny dark green and no light gray-green cross-banding and usually range between 12–14 cm in length and 5–6 cm in width.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Paul, what do you need me for? You know exactly what you’ve got – great choice. Sanseveria have come a long way since growing in Grandmothers parlour. They’ve been valued as a cast iron plant for well over 100 years, brought from their native lands by plant explorers.

The one you’ve found is most likely the dwarf type, one of the ‘Hahnii’ varieties, of which there are several. Yours appears to be simple green with transverse silver banding, which is typical, but there are also others with striking gold or white longitudinal variegation.

Care for this plant with infrequent but thorough watering, bright but diffused light, and expect it to live a long time.

Clean the leaves now and again with a damp cloth, to prevent dust build up.

These are one of the most adaptable plants, and even novice succulent plant growers can have amazing success.

Happy Succulent Growing!

Comments for A Miniature Sansevieria with Shiny Pure Green Leaves

Dec 17, 2011

Thank you! Jacki. You are the best!
by: Paul

Thank you very much for your fast reply. I bought it and find that its color and brightness are different from the normal snake plant. I don’t know its name and post the images on several website. But only you give me clear answer. Thank you, Jacki. You are the best!
I’ll come here frequently