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by Paul
(Suffolk UK)

a beautiful plant but i cant seem to identify it 21717046
thumb a beautiful plant but i cant seem to identify it 21717046
thumb a beautiful plant but i cant seem to identify it 21717047

Hiya, any help with the ID on my new succulent would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, best wishes…

Hi Paul, this is Kalanchoe delagoensis, sometimes called the Mexican Hat Plant, or Mother of Thousands, because of its habit of producing a ton of small baby plants right on the edges of the leaves.

Luckily for you, there is little chance that this plant will become a problem, but in warm climate areas, it’s known as a noxious weed.

In time, they will produce the most incredible flowers, but the plant has to be considerably bigger, and in a much bigger pot, with lots of warm weather to do this.

One thing about the way you have planted this plant is does not bode well for the health of it in the long term; they are succulent, and dislike too much water around their roots; allow good drainage at all times, so they don’t get root rot.

If they look like they need more moisture, then water more often rather than attempt to give it a reservoir (the bowl under the terracotta pot).

Hope that helps,

Comments for A beautiful plant, but I can’t seem to identify it…

Apr 15, 2013

by: Anonymous

Thanks very much Jacki, you know your stuff!

All the best, Paul.

Jan 25, 2016

Mother thousand
by: Char Miller Wipff

Mother of thousand or Mexican hat plant has grown to reach 7 feet tall and blooming. It’s very beautiful with pink flowers

Jan 18, 2018

Can’t get mine to grow a strong stalk
by: Sam

Hi! I have a plant like this but it keeps growing taller without having a strong stalk to support it! Do I need to put it in a deeper pot so it can grow stronger roots?

Jan 19, 2018

Answer for Sam
by: Jacki

The best way to get it stronger is actually to start cutting off the top, as long as it’s getting enough light (in which case this might be a flower stalk). Bright light is essential to keep it more compact.