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Hi, I’m hoping you can help! I have 2 new plants

The 1st 1 is approx. 14cm tall with pale pink, almost orangey flowers with many petals. The leaves are pointy & rough & flattish.

The 2nd 1 is approx. 22cm tall. The stems & the tips of some of the leaves are a reddy brown. The leaves are pointy & thin, but more cylindrical in shape than plant no.1. Again the flowers have many petals, they are a purpley pink colour.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I think your plants are beautiful! And I’m not sure exactly what they are. I’m persuaded that the purpley pink one is most likely Delosperma, of which there are many kinds. Here’s some more information about Delosperma cooperi.

The one with the two blooms in pink and orange shades seems to be similar to Delosperma dyeri. Check the leaves in both cases, and see if they actually look alike. Your pictures are a little dark, and I can’t see clearly enough to compare them.

Good luck in your search, and enjoy your delightful little plants.