by Mom Me
(Fresno California)


I can’t tell what these succulents are . My “bf” says it’s male and female succulents but I don’t think so . Definitely succulents tho .

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May 17, 2018
No such thing!
by: Jacki

These are Echeveria, one looks like E. pulidonis and the sharper leaved one probably E. agavoides.

Echeveria are always the same, producing pollen and ovum on the same plant; there is no such thing as a ‘boy’ Echeveria, or a ‘girl’ Echeveria. So tell your ‘bf’ that he’s got to get his facts straight – the facts of life, that is!

Some plants (notably holly) have male and female flowers on separate plants, in which case to get those beautiful red berries you need one of each plant.

Not so with most succulents.

Although often, when hybridizing plants of any kind, it is recommended to have more than one plant because they can be ‘self sterile’ meaning that their own pollen may not fertilize their own ovum.

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