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by Gail
(La Grange, NC)


Some kind of invasive plant


We have this growing in an area we are clearing that had old azaleas that were mostly dead and have no idea what else. We have sprayed it with round-up and it dies down but in 2-3 days it’s coming right back out.

Is it a weed or a true plant? If it’s a weed how do we get rid of it. There are several of these spread around.

Thank you ever so much!!!


Comments for Weed? Or Plant?

May 15, 2018
A weed…
by: Jacki

A weed is an unwanted plant, growing in the wrong place. So if you don’t want it, even a desirable plant is a weed.

This one is not something I recognize, but if it’s strong enough to withstand glyphosate, then it’s too vigorous for the average garden.

What I do with plants like this is to smother them with black plastic. Cut it down as far as you can, then cover it with THICK poly film, not a regular garbage bag. Peat moss bags, or construction film (6Mil) is the only way to kill off this type of invasive plant.

Cover the poly with some rocks or a board or two to weigh it down (it’s not going to do its job if it flies away in a wind storm).

This will have to stay on the plant for a long time, maybe a season or even two. I’ve killed rhubarb, which has roots down to China, with this method. Don’t give up too soon!

More ideas on earth friendly weed control.

May 18, 2018

From looking at the photo the plant appears to be in the milkweed family. What do the flowers look like and how tall does it get? They spread by rhizomes (underground runners or roots) that is why it keeps popping up.

May 18, 2018
Poke Weed Identified
by: Gail

I have found out it’s Poke Weed. The entire tap root has to be dug up or it will come back.