Lush plantings and lots of rusty junk


My neighbors have a wonderful piece of property with old sheds and buildings, an antique barn which houses the chain saw museum along with a lot of historical artifacts relating to the logging industry in the Kootenay Boundary region, all nestled among some lovely gardens.

The sawmill on the place provides lumber for sale all over Canada, some going to refurbish an old outpost in Saskatchewan.

The timbers were cut and then shipped where they would be adzed to replicate the original hand hewn logs.


The museum contains displays of hand made carvings, chain saws spanning the hundred or so years of the industry, and many interesting artifacts of local interest.


The solid rustic gazebo showcases wood milled right on site, and contains many extra goodies; a wagon yoke made into a chandelier for one. 

This is only one of the many buildings on the property, some older than others; this one is more recent, but there are old cabins that predate most of us.


One of the delightful tiny cottages that welcome guests. This one is actually on skids, so it’s moveable, if required.


Plants spill over rocks found locally and placed with a machine – most of them are much too big to move by hand.

Many rocks form raised beds, a wall-like rockery and all accented with lovely lush plants.


The original owner of the property planted many lovely trees – oaks, maples and others.

In the fall, when they show their brilliant colors, they are magnificent. The large stump is a cedar, with petunias spilling over from a hole in the center.


Much of the salvaged junk is from the property which has been a mill for many years, and was also farmed.

That’s what happens when no-one wants to throw anything away – you never know when it will come in handy. In this case, displaying the oddments as garden art is a perfect use.


Rugged fencing outlines the gardens near the house.

No longer used to keep livestock in, they now form a back drop for delightful plantings of petunias and other annuals, yew and grasses.


Almost hidden by lush ferns, the pump water feature gives the game away by the sound of water splashing.


This whole garden is an amazing place with hidden secret gems of rustic junk.

If you have a yearning to return to old times, make sure to book your stay in one of the cottages, or just browse through the museum and gardens.

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