Where to buy Succulents – or – Resist Them If You Can

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Everyone’s into succulents – it’s easy to see why – but it’s so hard to find a good online supply for them. Here’s a good selection from my affiliate, so you can order them and have them shipped at the perfect time for your area.


Luckily for us, succulents come in all shapes and sizes.
If you know what you want in the way of a particular species, there are some nurseries that specialize in just a few types of plant.

There are also growers that cover the spectrum; with a great selection of lots of different kinds.

The plants that you see in large box stores like Lowes and Walmart are often not a good deal, even though they may seem cheap.

Don’t do it! Walk away, and no-one will get hurt.


The family that contains Aloe as well as other similar types of plants is huge.

There are literally thousands of different kinds, some huge, others tiny.

Do your research so you get the right size – some of them are enormous, and don’t make good houseplants.

Keep in mind too that some Aloe have incredible flower stalks.


Echeveria is another group of the most incredible and beautiful species.There are ones with bumps like this one, or those that look like a rose.

It’s easy to be completely enthralled with them, and to collect them (or hoard them). That’s where it starts and soon snowballs into an obsession.


With the enormous choice of different plants to choose from, if you’re just starting out you may want to buy a selection that has been trialed and proven easy to grow.

There are some collections that contain a lot of different kinds of plants, either as cuttings or little plants so you can see how to grow them without a huge cost outlay.

The bigger the plant, the bigger the cost, both for the plant itself, and the shipping of it.

Get small plants to build up the varieties in your collection, provide new species that you don’t already have, or to plant in crafts. Larger specimens are perfect for planting into special containers, or to take cuttings from.

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