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Somewhat teardrop shaped leaves, but with a point where it should be round.
Appears to maybe be upside down?
Growing straight out of the ground, not on a tree.

Hi Janelle, this is not a jade plant, although they are related to Echeveria, which this is. I’m thinking that it’s probably Echeveria ‘Jackie’ or some other similar hybrid.

Your poor plant looks like it’s been somewhat neglected, or damaged, or worse, with that moss type mulch stuff on there, rotting. They don’t like too much water, and need an extremely well drained soil – this is most likely why it doesn’t look so good. See more about how to grow Echeveria here.

Eventually, their growth habit is to get a long stem, with the rosette of leaves on top of it, and you can easily behead them for a beautiful new plant, which grows as most of us prefer, as a low growing rosette.

You might be best to remove the leaves by twisting them off, and then they will root and grow into new plants – this takes a while to get to any size, but it’s a fascinating experiment.

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