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I am trying to trace a plant I used to have Years ago …
I’m sure it was called an Oxygen plant – it could be found in a green or red colour, it was very fine, slim and ? ferny type plant that required no soil or water – you just placed it in a vase or bowl and had a stunning display indoors all year round – for years. I haven’t seen these plants for years, and wondered if they were still available.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I know these as ‘Air Plant’ but I can see where your name comes from! The proper botanical name is Tillandsia, and as you can see from the results of this search on Dave’s Garden, there are many different species that all go by this name. There are other amusing names too:

Quill Leaf

Cardinal Air Plant

Wild Pineapple

Blushing Bride

Sky Plant

Carnations of the Air

Air Orchid

and on and on.

The most intriguing use I’ve seen for these odd and wonderful plants is on a wreath. They last for years without anything other than the occasional spritzing with plain water to wash off the dust.

Hopefully now that you know the botanical name you’ll have more success with finding one or two.