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Brought at the local hard ware from the indoor plant section and have lost the i/d label and cannot remember name or care instructions hence the plant is dying. Does anyone know the name of this plant? It is growing from a woody bulb and has a furry, palm-like stem and leaves. I love it and have not seen one since – Thanks in advance.

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Feb 22, 2015
It’s a Mystery
by: Jacki

I don’t recognize this plant at all, and if it is in such dire straits it’s unlikely to survive at any rate. The problem with getting plants from a hardware store, and not a reputable nursery, is that their staff, although well meaning, don’t really have a clue.

The nurseries that supply these types of retail outlets also have a reputation for being somewhat lax in their quality control, or even to the extent of foisting off something that is glued into place in a pot, filled with pebbles and sold as a succulent.

Sorry I can’t identify your plant, maybe someone else will recognize it.

Meanwhile, I would poke around and see if there is actually any soil, and what the roots look like.

Repot it into some cactus mix (better to err on the side of too dry than too much moisture in the soil) and water extremely carefully, as in not too much.

Hope that helps and your plant recovers its vigor.

Jun 15, 2016
Not 100% Sure
by: Zimbokat

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like it might be a Brazilian Edelweiss.

May 31, 2020
Brazilian Edelweiss
by: Claire

TThis is a Brazilian Edelweiss. I know the leaves to die off in winter