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by Barbara Arlen
(Santa Fe, NM)


I am in Santa Fe, NM and just found a succulent (I think) growing near my hens and chickens. I first thought it was wild but now I think it is not. It is spiney but starlike and a yellow green. It grew very fast and looks like it will be a shrub?
Thank you.

Hi Barbara, that’s interesting. I don’t think it’s any kind of succulent; it could be a native wildflower (that always sounds better than ‘weed’, don’t you think?) and without seeing it bloom it could be almost anything. I would wait and see what it looks like as it grows, as long as it’s not covering up your Sempervivum.

It could be some kind of cultivated perennial plant too – some of these will reseed in odd places. Let me know what the flowers look like, and maybe I’ll have more ideas of what it could be.

Happy Gardening!

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Jun 17, 2013
thank you for comment
by: Barbara Arlen

Thanks so much. I will wait for it to bloom or cut it down. Barbara