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by Ahmed Shehata

plant Grows

Hello Jacki..hope your fine….Ok this one is very beautiful it goes by the local name “the star Cactus” , it has a single special organ erects upward..!!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Ahmed – yes, thank you I’m doing well!

This is a spectacular plant in bloom, and goes by the common and botanical name of Aloe. I’m sorry I can’t pin it down any closer than that, as there are many species, all similar. It looks similar to one that I’ve grown called Aloe castanea, but as mine never bloomed, it’s possible that it’s a different one again.

See more here:
Aloe plants and a list of some of the most common types here: Aloe succulent plants.

You are fortunate indeed to live in a climate where they grow outdoors – they can’t take frost, and the majority of them won’t bloom unless they are planted in the ground and have extremely bright light and warm temperatures.


Comments for Another plant Grows in Egypt (need to know its Name ) ????

Jan 20, 2013

I have a similar looking plant
by: Anna

Hi All
I have many similar looking plants to the one pictured. I’m from Adelaide, South Australia.

My plants flower every year from late August to late September, sometimes even till early October.

The flowers on my plants are very bright orange when in full flower. I am not sure what they are but have always thought they were part of the Aloe family.

Mine are very fleshy during the wetter months, not so fleshy in the dryer months. Small plants grow from the sides of the main plant and can easily be pulled off and re-planted. I originally started with one small plant, now I have lots – over 50.

These plants do not die easily. One year I pulled a large plant out and left it by my letterbox – the plant multiplied and flowered and is still not planted in the ground. I have a very good photo of the plant in flower but not sure how to post it on here.

Post your pictures on a new post, Anna – bragging is fine!