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September 01, 2021

It’s time for a new format! If you’ve been getting Xeria in your inbox for a while, you’ll see that now, instead of a link to the e-zine on the website, you’ll get all the news here.

This is the second edition using this new format, which you may like, or not. Please let me know using the contact link on the bottom of every page on the website, or reply to this email – let me know which version you prefer; getting the e-zine in your inbox only, or the notification to the e-zine on the website.

September and on into the cooler months of fall is the perfect time to plant perennial plants, vines and shrubs.

The ground stays warm, giving the roots time to scramble through the soil and get established, while in the cool nights the top growth slowly goes into dormancy.

Shorter days means less watering is needed – plus, we could have a few showers to help out with irrigation.

What will you plant this season?

shrubs for xeriscaping

One of the most surprisingly hardy and drought tolerant vines is Clematis. They can withstand an entire summer of extreme heat and no additional water. Plant some of these gorgeous plants in your garden. Make sure you have a sturdy trellis though. They will be heavy once they get going.

Clematis species

Buy the e-book I’ve developed to give you more ways to beautify your garden, without water (or tears). Many succulent plants thrive in a xeric garden, just get the basics right.

Xeriscaping with succulents e-book

I hope you’ve enjoyed this new format! Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

Happy Gardening,

Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist, Webmaster and Artisan

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