August 15, 2021

It’s time for a new format! If you’ve been getting Xeria in your inbox for a while, you’ll see that now, instead of a link to the e-zine on the website, you’ll get all the news here.

Bears are a part of the eco-system, especially if you live anywhere near large tracts of bush. They’re curious, hungry and have excellent memories. This combination of traits puts them in conflict with humans, and they often come off the loser. Find out more about Critters in the Garden;

Critters in the Garden


Weeds are also a part of the eco-system – but you don’t want to encourage those either! See some ways to discourage weeds, without chemicals that harm the earth.

Weed Free Xeriscaping


There are thousands of different Sempervivum species and varieties. I’ve grown around 600 of them, and it’s astonishing how they change through the seasons. Have a look at some of them;

Sempervivum Picture Gallery R-Z


I hope you’ve enjoyed this new format! Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

Happy Gardening,

Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist, Webmaster and Artisan

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