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Water Smart Perennials
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Introduction to Water Smart Perennials
Exemplar Horticulture Ltd.’s Water Smart perennial line is made up of plants that we know (or have learned from our customers) can survive periods of drought or the dry areas in your yard. 

A few of our Water Smart perennials actually prefer low water conditions and don’t thrive if they receive a lot of water.  Most, however, grow better and flower more profusely with a moderate amount of water but will cope quite well if they receive less water for a while—for instance, during the summer weeks in the British Columbia Lower Mainland when there is little or no rain or when summer water restrictions temporarily change the watering habits of Canadian gardeners.

More information about perennials

Other attributes:  If you are looking for drought tolerant plants that have other attributes, such as deer resistance, exceptional flowers or foliage, etc., you can find out here.

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